Food plays a critical role in children's growth and development, from infancy through adolescence. If established early in life, positive eating habits can be the foundation for a lifelong healthy relationship with food. Feeding children well takes practice, patience and persistence. Foodwise Consulting specializes in enabling  parents to provide healthful, delicious food for their families. From dealing with picky eating to developing weekly meal plans, Foodwise helps create custom solutions that meet each family's needs. 

My Story

I'm Katie Costello, a registered dietitian and founder of Foodwise Consulting. My lifelong passion for food was inspired by my mother, an incredible cook and staunch advocate of family meals. After a short-lived career in finance, I returned to graduate school to focus on nutrition. In 2015, I obtained a Master's of Public Health from the University of Minnesota and a registered dietitian (RD) credential. My interest in childhood nutrition and health equity led me to an internship at Parents in Community Action (PICA) Head Start, where I currently serve as a consultant dietitian. 


The produce manager is more important to my children’s health than the pediatrician.
— Meryl Streep